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The admission procedure is designed to allow you, the parent, to get a complete understanding of the education and care that MINE, ME, & US Montessori School provides. From an initial meeting with the Head of School to the home visit, the goal is for parents to know what they can expect and what is expected from them as their child begins his journey of education and care.

Admission Steps

Website: The first step is to familiarize yourself with the school via the information on the website.

Schedule a Tour: The purpose of this visit is to see the school and further familiarize yourself with the education and care that MINE, ME, and US Montessori School offers. These visits allow for an in-depth conversation with the Head of School about the details of what our program offers and why. Often parents are grateful for the uninterrupted time to ask all the questions that are important when choosing care and education for your child. Schedule a tour.

Application Form: The next step is requesting enrollment by filling out the Application form and submitting the application fee.

Placement/Enrollment Offered: When enrollment is offered, families will be notified by email.

Enrollment Forms Submitted:  When enrollment is accepted, parents will need to fill out enrollment forms and submit the enrollment fee to hold your child’s enrollment. Parents will meet with the Head of School to go over policies and procedures and schedule a start date. If a student is placed in a waiting pool, the family will be notified by email when a space becomes available.


Home Visit:  A few days before your child’s scheduled first day of school, the Head of School and one of her teachers will come to your home for a home visit. The purpose of the home visit is to form a link between home and school for your child. It is in no way an assessment of your child, your parenting style, or your family values. Your child’s teacher will ask you about your child’s routine, history, personality, preferences, how you comfort your child, etc. This is for faculty to get an idea of how to best teach and care for your child at school. Home visits also give your child the opportunity to meet her teacher while in her own home. Your child’s teacher might spend a bit of time chatting with your child and looking at toys with her. The goal is for your child to feel comfortable with her new teacher. You can expect that a home visit will take 60-90 minutes.

MINE, ME, & US Montessori School admits students of any race, color, sex, gender, religion, or national or ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, gender, or national or ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies and school administered programs. Children with learning disabilities or handicaps are accepted on a case-by- case basis according to the ability of MINE, ME, & US Montessori School to fully meet their specific needs.

Application Process

  • Inquiry of MMUMS program (phone conversation with Head of School or MMUMS Administration)

  • School Tour 

  • Application Form and Fee

  • Waiting Pool

  • Offer of Enrollment

  • Submission of Enrollment Form and Fee

  • Home Visit (required before start date is given)

  • First Day of School (with Enrollment Transition Schedule)

During the time between turning in the application form and fee, we strongly suggest a weekly or monthly email to the school to keep in contact and demonstrate your continued interest in enrollment at MMUMS. 

Student Files

Virginia Department of Social Services and MINE, ME & US Montessori School require that the following documents must be on file at MMUMS before your child enters the school. These files will be maintained using Brightwheel and Transparent Classroom.


  • MINE, ME & US Montessori School Application Form

  • Child Registration Form

  • Proof of Child’s Identity and Age (Birth Certificate)

  • Child Emergency Data Card

  • Child Emergency Health Care Plan

  • Commonwealth of Virginia Physical Health and Immunization Form

  • Current Vaccination Forms

  • Organic Ointment Permission Form

  • Signed Tuition Contract with Tuition Plan

  • Media Release Form

  • Field Trip Permission Form

  • Previous/Concurrent Schools Attended Form

  • Signed acknowledgement of receipt of MINE, ME & US Montessori School Family Handbook. 

  • FARE Asthma and Allergy Plan

  • Any Needed Medication/Allergy Forms


It is the parents’ responsibility to keep all forms updated with all necessary telephone numbers and any new information pertinent to their child’s well-being. A message will be sent to the parents on a quarterly basis reminding them to update, as needed. If no updates are needed, you may ignore this message, please reply to the message that no updates are needed. If updates are needed, please do so ASAP. Failure to provide the most updated information may result in the inability to provide the most comprehensive care for the child (specifically in case of emergency).


MINE, ME & US Montessori School requires the following before your child enters school.

  • All required paperwork on file

  • All fees and tuition paid

  • Home visit

Each student file is kept confidential, and the information is used for MINE, ME & US Montessori School to provide the best care and education to your child and support to your family. If other early childhood professionals need access to the information in your child’s file, MMUMS provides a form for parents to sign to authorize release of personal information. 

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